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Account, lending, payments, compliance. End-to-end, component-based, digital banking platform for industry newcomers.

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  • Account

    Enable deposits & savings with a real-time engine – contracts, multi-account management, overdrafts, reporting.

  • Lending

    Simple or complex, manage the whole cycle, worldwide. From very high-volume small tickets to ultra-complex, structured contracts.

  • Payments & cards

    Full range of functionality to support SCT, SCTInst, SDD core, SDD B2B, international transfers. Plus the entire card payment value chain on ATM, Merchant and Card issuing domains.

  • Compliance

    Stay compliant as regulation evolves. 200 dedicated experts keep you on top of regulatory changes, however frequent and numerous.

  • Open Banking

    Our cloud-native Open banking platform provides you with a partner ecosystem and integrates off-the-shelf digital use cases.