Open banking platform

Engage with an API-driven banking economy. Use compliance as a catalyst for building tomorrow’s digital bank.

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Strong customer authentication

Activated according to the RTS rules

Account aggregation

Advanced services


Personal finance mgt

Data enrichment

Enhanced insights

From core to cloud

Core banking agnostic



API Platform

Gartner leader


Fintech partners

31 banks in 17 countries!

Seize the Open Banking opportunity

Seize the Open Banking opportunity

Design new and smooth customer journeys fast. Ensure low TCO.

  • Added value
    Leverage access to a variety of ecosystems and go beyond just financing. Address the real customer-life situations with the products and services of your partners.
  • New revenue & customers
    Take advantage of untapped sources of revenue by presenting partner offers alongside your own. And attract new customers with modern, innovative offers.
  • Cost to income
    Improve effectiveness and efficiency. Leverage compliance and technology to improve your cost-to-income ratio.

What’s your new business model?

Data monetization. API monetization. Revenue sharing with partners.

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From core to cloud

Our cloud-native, core-agnostic Open Banking Platform acts as a microservices layer on your existing environment.

Built on industry standards

Berlin group compliant. Built on Kubernetes and guided by Banking Industry Architecture Network, Information Framework, you will be future proof.


Create a wide partner ecosystem to accelerate and expand deployment of innovative customer journeys.

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