Risk, Regulation and Reporting

Among the world leaders in compliance solutions, according to IBS Intelligence, with more than 800 reporting entities  

With 50+ different regulatory standards covered, our solution and unique expertise help you to manage complex obligations and streamline your communication with regulatory stakeholders.

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Core banking agnostic


25 years of experience

200+ dedicated experts

Business focused


Central bank relations

Future proof

Industry compliant

Localized reporting

Deployment flexibility

Hybrid, cloud, on-premise

Keeping pace with regulation

Stay compliant as regulation evolves with our scalable, flexible and customizable solution.

  • Regulation-as-a-Service
    Frees you from managing the complexity of multiple regulatory jurisdictions. 200 dedicated experts keep you on top of regulatory changes, however frequent and numerous.
  • Feature-rich
    Ensures data integrity, provides drill-up and drill-down features, and audit trail as required by regulators. Non-technical users can master all these features.
  • Reporting hub
    Manages configuration for multiple countries and regulations. And allows international banks to centralize their regulatory reporting and risk management, without adding further complexity.


AnaCredit presents challenges like data granularity, reporting frequency, and multi-jurisdictional requirements. Meet all current and future requirements of European and National central banks with a multi-country, future-proof reporting solution for financial institutions of all stripes.

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Global leader in financial and risk reporting

We are a front runner in regulatory reporting. We streamline your reporting framework and offer seamless data flow by providing solutions that automatically and effectively generate domestic and foreign regulatory reporting.


Proven track record in innovative projects driven by big data. Able to provide robust solutions covering the management of granular data, high data volume and the related data quality issues, beyond regulatory reporting requirements.

Credit risk exposure and regulatory capital

Effective alternatives to complex and manual risk calculation solutions. Including credit risk assessment based on internal models, weighting and mitigating risks in standard methods, or even building stress-testing campaigns.