Deposits and savings

Give account holders flexibility and help them increase their financial stability

From contract management to reporting & product configuration tools. A real-time engine for position keeping and reactive decision making. Sopra Banking Platform provides a complete account management solution.

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Secure environment

Ensure system integrity

Audit trails

Improve data protection


Provide more options


Save operating costs

Maximized ROI

With operations efficiency

Flexible deployment

Cloud, hybrid, on-premise

Ready to transform and innovate?

Delivering unique, customer-focused services

Use innovative deposits & savings management tools to drive customer engagement.

  • Data-driven
    Maintain compliance and glean insights into your customers’ behaviour that goes beyond financial data. Use this resource to inform business strategy and improve customer experiences.
  • Flexible & reliable
    Roll out only the components or packaging that you need. React quickly to future market demands or regulatory changes.
  • Future-proof
    A future-proof solution with diverse features, including multi-company, multi-organization, multi-currency and multi-country capabilities.
sopra expertise

Discover the power of digital transformation!

Build a digitally driven organization.

Robust deposits & savings management tools

Our faultless deposits and savings solution creates a reliable link with your customer and insight for your commercial teams.

Increase security, not processing time

Next-generation business models combine the necessity of open ecosystems and the requirement for tight security. The deposits and savings solution guarantees security without disturbing daily activities or customer trust.

Master regulatory changes

Scalable, responsive, flexible, and customizable — our software keeps you up-to-date and compliant, as fast as the regulatory environment changes. This is true on the local level, and with international requirements.