Revolutionising the mortgage and savings operations of UK banks and building societies

Our mortgage and savings software provides UK banks and building societies with a platform that supports end-to-end operations with automation and straight-through processing. Supported by a rich partner ecosystem and offering a wide range of performance capabilities, we help our customers to improve client retention by offering a unique customer or member experience, powered by a scalable and cost-effective solution.

The UK building societies’ most trusted mortgage and savings solution

Our API-first integration strategy, based on resilient technologies, supports banks and building societies alike to scale their business operations to meet their strategic objectives. The end-to-end journey supports many self-service activities including onboarding, account management,  and servicing, as well as be fully integrated into collections. Banks and building societies can streamline services even further and offer customers and members access to a consumer companion mobile app, bringing a wider range of self-service capabilities and increasing their digital offerings.

  • Increase customer retention with unique customer experience with self-service options.
  • Scale mortgage and savings products and enter new markets to match strategic business growth plans.
  • Reduce operational costs by adopting best-in-practice processes and pre-integrated solutions.
  • Maintain brand identity with a configurable interface, featuring flexible and custom text fields for data collection.
  • Introduce automation to reduce touchpoints and prioritise vulnerable and complex cases.
  • Support different deployment models including on-premise, SaaS, and cloud (public, private, and hybrid).

Power the whole mortgage and savings lifecycle

  • Industry Leadership

    SBS has over 20 years’ experience supporting UK customers, with half of the UK’s building societies currently using our software solutions.

  • Reduce Time to Market

    Respond faster to market changes to update and test new and existing products alike, and to stay head of the competition.

  • API Platform

    Foster agility, reduce risk, and enable progressive digital transformation with access to a library of over 130 APIs.

  • End-to-end Journey

    Support the whole lifecycle of mortgage and savings accounts and increase visibility across your organisation.

  • Local Regulations

    SBS solutions are designed to support UK banks and building societies meet local compliance and regulatory requirements.

  • Robust Security

    Security is built with ISO27001 accreditation, demonstrating a commitment to continued improvement and protection of data.

Bring Products to Market Faster

1 in 5 mortgages in the UK is on an SBS platform. Our solutions are fast, flexible, and scalable, enabling mortgage and savings providers alike to reduce the burden they experience using outdated legacy processes and platforms, and innovate their operations to create an enhanced, unique customer experience.

Supporting the digital transformation of our customers

  • Kensington Mortgages

  • Scottish Building Society

  • Tipton Building Society

  • Shawbrook Bank

Kensington Mortgages were supported by SBS through an upgrade of their core platform to implement a robust, resilient and secure API tier. After launch, productivity is up 10% as a result of 600 small changes made to underwriting process and workflows. The first two months post launch were the largest in terms of origination case volume Kensington had ever seen.

    Scottish Building Society looked to adapt their services to meet the changing needs of customers and brokers, offering more online functionality as well as increasing efficiency to scale operations as well as reduce complexity, risk and cost. SBS helped in the transition to an AWS managed service which improved processing times of batch jobs, fixed costs, and freed up the IT team to have more time to support new initiatives.

      SBS supported Tipton and Coseley Building Society to upgrade their platform. Prior to the upgrade they faced a number of challenges, including providing their customers with a better service, compete in an ever-changing marketplace, offer more competitive services, and offer the best rates and products, all while remaining profitable.

        SBS supported Shawbrook in a migration to AWS to streamline business operations. This change saw a significant increase in account holders in 1 year due to their ability to expand their software capabilities.