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Unlock a world of APIs

Create your own products with our API accessible banking-as-a-service platform

Streamline your core banking operations and bring innovative tech in-house with a BaaS solution that gives you flexibility, greater cost control, a quick time to market and reduced risk. 

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Adapt to changing market needs

Whether you build your own platform or work with a partner, BaaS can offer significant strategic value in areas.

  • A modern tech stack

    Via partnerships

  • New business verticals

    Agile entry

  • Reduced costs

    Operations and distribution

  • Automated service

    For greater experience

BaaS allows you to choose the options you need, providing a quick, inexpensive, and efficient entry for banking operations.

Highly customizable

This approach treats financial services as building blocks, which partners can combine to create banking services to match their specific business model.

Building blocks

Transform traditional services now

Boost your business with a modular approach

A crucial step on the digital transformation roadmap, BaaS enables banks to reinvent themselves as assemblers of financial management solutions, designed to meet specific customer needs.

  • Cut your time to market

    The power of the cloud, combined with customizable, white-label solutions enables you to go live in much shorter time frames.

  • Build your customer base

    Embracing BaaS means working with third parties, thereby gaining access to potential new customer pools at a low cost.

  • Focus on innovation

    By provisioning data to external partners, financial institutions can facilitate new, innovative customer-oriented products.

  • Boost customer loyalty

    Unlike traditional core systems, a flexible BaaS solution makes it easy to converge different business models and give something unique to every customer.

  • Offer off-the-shelf products

    Access a full suite of deployment-ready banking products, including KYC services, algorithmic scoring, transactions, and even payment cards.

  • Uncover new revenue streams

    By adopting a BaaS platform, and allowing third-party providers to use it, banks can tap into fresh revenue.

Serve customers

In the hyper-competitive financial services industry, banks must take advantage of every potential edge.
BaaS is a service-oriented approach driven by componentized architecture.
The adoption of platform-based business concepts provide a viable competitive edge, increases innovation, and allows expansion to new markets.

Sopra enables financial institutions and corporates to bring to market highly differentiated financial solutions. We deliver revenue growth and cost-savings by leveraging our fast, scalable, and secure API and platform to deploy targeted solutions.