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Use Case : Sopra Banking Amplitude


Djibril is a taxi driver who has to juggle everyday worries and a very demanding job. His local bank branch is far away; he doesn’t have time to make an appointment with his bank advisor. How should these needs be managed?
Against a backdrop of digital transformation and innovation, banks create offers and services that take added value for the customer as a starting point. The idea? Take action at every major milestone in a customer’s life. These life milestones enable banks to sell their offers, at the right time, based on markers that are no longer theirs, but the customer’s. For example, we talk about buying a car instead of taking out a loan.
This use case demonstrates how a bank can simply and quickly address and exceed Djibril’s needs, by offering a mobile, instantaneous, and digital journey and thus create new customer experiences that address specific needs at a given point in time.

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