SBP Digital Banking Suite

Design, build and run your digital native bank

Our platform empowers financial institutions to innovate and provide delightful customer experiences to today’s digital natives, ensuring security, resiliency, and success with our extendable platform bank approach.

  • 90 days to design your bank

    Days to design your bank

    Use our toolkit to create your digital bank and quickly go to market — front-end, middleware, and core banking systems.

  • 10x less

    Less costly code changes

    Respond to changing customer behaviors faster, better, and cheaper! Reduce cost up to 10x and gain customer confidence.

  • 70 NPS score Digital Banking

    NPS score

    Understand your customers and give them the engaging experiences they expect. Boost customer satisfaction, acquisition, and retention.

Digital Banking

Shape the future of banking

SBP Digital Banking Suite provides frictionless digital onboarding and product subscription, day-to-day banking and enhanced open banking capabilities activated off-the-shelf.

The platform can integrate with any core; it has native integration with SBS core banking systems and can be launched as a full front-to-back solution, rolled out component by component, and across layers (full front, middle, back) for a domain-focused solution.

  • Next-gen open architecture, modular solution
  • Cloud-native, end-to-end SaaS offering, multiple delivery models
  • AI and data-driven, personalized omnichannel customer experiences that is user tested, stellar UX
  • Low/ no code, journey manager, design studio
  • End-to end integrated experience, extendibility and partner orchestration
  • Zero Trust security
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  • Lower risk

    Get a seamlessly integrated solution to enhance the end-to-end experience for employees and customers while avoiding data sync issues.


  • Achieve greater scalability

    Leverage cloud-native capabilities to scale infrastructure, delivering improved customer experiences in real-time at a reduced cost.


  • Ensure the highest security standards

    Prevent fines and business repercussions with Zero Trust Security.

  • Continual improvement with low cost

    Lower cost of code changes by 10x & quickly update UI and design, leverage the frequently updated, off-the-shelf capabilities to gain functionalities.

  • Generate new revenue

    Connect with 3rd parties & extend services to create bundles of personalized offers, leverage open banking to orchestrate out-of-the-box use cases.

  • No vendor lock-in

    Choose any integration option: configure, configure + customize, or customize with out-of-the-box SDKs using open, nonproprietary tech.

Build tomorrow’s bank, today

We specialize in helping traditional/digital challenger banks to become future-proof, so they remain relevant for the long haul. Retain customers for life with our strategic approach, and stay ahead of the digital revolution with our proactive partnership.

Let us help you achieve your dreams and bring your A-game in digital banking.

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