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Frictionless onboarding and KYC in minutes

Create seamless digital onboarding journeys that are easy to adapt and tailor by segment. Facilitate KYC, from initial onboarding to perpetual updates and risk-based KYC management directly or indirectly through digital partners at scale.

  • 5 minutes onboarding

    Onboard in minutes

    Quick, seamless onboarding enabled by human-centered design and streamlined processes.

  • 70+

    NPS score

    Effortless onboarding to ensure customers are satisfied from day one. Construct the tailored offers they expect!

  • 10x

    Reduce cost of change

    A low-code approach to save you up to 10x in maintenance costs compared to traditional coding.

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Full range of first-rate digital onboarding and KYC management capabilities.

Onboarding will help you boost conversion, reduce customer risk, and lower maintenance costs.

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  • Flexible and localized onboarding

    Adhere to regional and banking regulations with automated KYC compliance checks, tailored processes and easy integration with local partners.


  • Analytics & customer insights

    Easily track user drop-off rate and encourage customers to complete Onboarding with analytics & customer insights.


  • Easy integration with 3rd party solutions

    Connect to plugins for digital signature, video onboarding and more. Enhance with open banking to further tailor customer experiences.


  • Easy configuration and journey management

    Leverage drag and drop low code workflow automation as well as multiple process configuration for different channels, segments and sectors.

  • Better support via a fully digitized employee portal

    The best customer experience with assisted manual onboarding, the ability to edit client data, and a full audit trail for tracking.

  • Manage KYC at scale

    Our self-service KYC review capabilities, with notifications, and alerts allow the banks to continuously manage KYC at scale, with low cost and a great customer experience.