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Over 1.5 billion people worldwide use WhatsApp. Offer your customers seamless banking services on a well-known and trusted application with MoneyChat via WhatsApp Business.

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MoneyChat is a chatbot that ties WhatsApp to the functionality of a banking system.

  • Popularize

    Users already know WhatsApp, so MoneyChat is complementary and a great tool for popularizing banking applications.

  • Facilitate

    WhatsApp has simplified communication, and it can do the same to banking. Customers can send or receive money and pay bills in a matter of seconds.

  • Create

    WhatsApp banking opens the door to an infinite number of possible use cases — group creation, e-businesses, credit-granting or customer care, etc

  • Ease of use

    MoneyChat requires no installation. Users simply add a specified number to their contacts and say “hello” to activate the conversational menu.

  • Personalized services

    WhatsApp banking allows you to take in-chat user preferences into account and thereby create a tailored experience.

  • Rapid deployment

    The connection to the core banking system is secure, reliable and easily implemented. All options are available through a simple, integration-ready API.

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New customer experience

Implement a safe and easy way to meet your customers’ banking needs on the go.

Services driving growth

Distinguish yourself from the competition with a new, innovative banking channel that gets to the heart of user behaviour. Extend digital financial services to a wider community of users.

Unique customer journey

An AI-powered chatbot simplifies daily operations like balance summaries, history, money transfers, and payments. It also enables financial collaboration for things like community financing, tontine, travel organization, and fundraising.

Intuitive user experience

Offering services via a known messaging channel eliminates the need to familiarize customers with a new product, and it makes engagement feel natural.

Customer loyalty

Utilizing MoneyChat promises loyalty through an established application — it taps into preexisting comfortability.