Personalised advice thanks to the virtual advisor

Use Case : Studying abroad

In summary:

John just graduated from his archeological master and wants to continue his studies in Ireland.
This project is important for him, but there are some practical implications around his day-to-day life as well as his autonomy since his parents will only be able to provide limited support to him. 
Thanks to the solutions and information provided by his bank around banking and non-banking services it can provide, John is confident that he’ll be able to make this project a success.

In a few words:

With the Virtual Advisor application, this use case shows how your bank can simply and quickly help its clients during key moments of their life and help them in their various projects by providing adapted services which are based on our Customer Engagement suite - such as :

  • Offering catalogue and billing fees
  • Personal advise
  • Secure online subscriptions
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