Get a loan easily thanks to our Robo-Loan-Officer

Use Case : Robo-Loan-Officer

In summary:

Robo-Loan-officer is a virtual assistant that helps a customer to find funding for their plans. It reproduces a human relationship by initiating a dialogue with the customer.

You can try our Robo-Loan-Officer yourself by connecting to our secured demo space.

Advantages for you and your customer:

Robo-Loan-officer makes it possible to improve your customers’ experience:

  • Build a relationship with customers based on trust and answer their questions
  • Identify sales opportunities, advise, or even present counter offers that are more suitable for their situation
  • Available 24/7

Robo-Loan-Officer makes it possible to improve your employees’ experience:

  • Standardise instructions
  • Optimise human advisors’ working time; they will have the advantage of requests being pre-processed by the virtual assistant
  • Improve human resources management, by only re-directing requests to the right human advisor who can best manage the customer’s requirements as a last resort

Robo-Loan-Officer makes it possible for you to improve your customer knowledge:

  • Conversations are saved, which makes it possible to build up a commercial database that can be used to better understand customers and continuously improve the virtual assistant.

From a technical point of view:

  • Integrated into a responsive mobile web application
  • Cognitive services and learning thanks to IBM Watson
  • Data is confidentially and securely processed
  • Front end aspects can be configured (language, wallpaper, avatar and the name of the virtual assistant)
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