Maximize the Request-to-Pay opportunity with a leading-edge solution

We help banks capture the full potential of the Request-to-Pay market and increase their revenue by accelerating project timelines while minimizing risks.

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RtP compliant

24/7/365. EPC rulebook and CSM specifications

Flexible implementation

On-premise or Saas

E2E RtP scope

RtP lifecycle and ecosystem

Ready to use

Launch new use cases in weeks, not months

Gain a competitive advantage

Our solution accelerates your RtP journey securely.

  • Function-rich
    Works for a wide range of RtP use cases and provides value-add functions, improving customer service.
  • A la carte
    A comprehensive component-based solution covering the entire RtP value chain, allowing you to pick only the components you need.
  • Pre-assembled
    Pre-assembled components facilitate the rollout of the first use cases as well as the integration, resulting in a shorter time to market.
  • Scalable
    Achieve a secure RtP rollout at scale. Deploy with confidence and add new use cases as needed.
  • Future proof
    A cloud-native, microservices-based architecture enables IT investment optimization.
  • Battle-tested
    With 30 years of expertise in payments, we deliver the best-in-class solution.

Request-to-Pay: The missing
link in the European payments

The Request-to-Pay Rulebook was released at the beginning of December 2020, and as a result, European Payments is set to go through a seismic shift. You can read our white-paper created in collaboration with Galitt, to find out more.


Consumer perception*

• 71% are interested in using a RtP service.
• 25% are very interested.
• 30% would be willing to pay to use RtP.

*Source: Consumer study carried out by Galitt in 2020, 461 people interviewed, representative of the French market.

Join the Request-to-Pay race

RtP is the missing link the financial services industry has been crying out for. The new messaging service – designed to help businesses and individuals better manage their money – will bring with it new visibilities around cash flow and payment, and improved flexibility for users.

Rely on our flexible, high-fit, and state-of-the-art solution to be part of the race.

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