Remittance solutions

Support your diaspora customers with fast, easy, and cost-effective remittances

Take advantage of streamlined payment software — utilize account aggregation, leverage multicurrency payment initiation services, and make international transfers painless.

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Streamlined remittance

For financial institutions looking to reduce the cost of money transfers and simplify their customer experience, finding the right tools is critical.

With the SBS open banking platform, you can aggregate real-time transactional data from 3,400+ European banks, analyze it via machine learning, initiate payment from other institutions, and eliminate inefficiency.

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Reap the rewards

Capitalize on open banking opportunities with next-generation money remittance software.

Enhance customer experience

Revamp your customer experience, provide faster access to funds, and improve cash flow.

Reduce costs

Boost efficiency with pre-analyzed customer information and automatic data assessments.

Gain customer insight

Understand your customers better with permissioned access to financial information.

Increase conversions

Introduce a superior service and broaden your client base locally and around the globe.

Accelerate processes

Provide an intuitive user interface, automated forms, and faster transaction finality.


Easily tap into other open banking use cases and add-on services.

  • Account aggregation

    Understand your customers better by connecting to thousands of financial institutions and accessing real-time transactional data from PSD2 and non-PSD2 accounts.

  • Credit transfer initiation

    Empower your users to securely initiate payments and transfers when it suits them — anytime, anywhere.

  • Orderbook and audit trailing

    Utilize comprehensive and detailed transactional requests for improved transparency and security against customer claims.

  • Smart financial overview

    Provide prompts based on aggregated data, send real-time notifications, and help customers take the right action.

  • Cash management

    Allow customers to define the rules and automatically manage the cash flow between different accounts.

  • Developer portal

    Make use of specialized guides, comprehensive API documentation, sandbox facilities, and enhanced developer support.

How it works

1. Become a regulated TPP with your own eIDAS certificate or leverage Tink’s eIDAS certificate.

2. Select the relevant insights and advanced services that match your business needs.

3. In the API developer portal, select services and associated APIs and start using them inside your banking app.

Enable frictionless payments
See how our trusted remittance software can make sending and receiving money as simple as a few clicks.