Designing tomorrow’s
financial services

Our vision of the technology platforms for tomorrow’s
financial services is imbedded in our architecture principles.

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Financial institutions in 2030…

A transformed bank is one that is prepared to navigate
constant changes.


but everywhere


but flexible


but agile


and tech-independent


and collaborative


and AI-enabled

Change is needed

Banks must prepare for the future by developing the flexibility to innovate, by modernizing assets, leveraging existing systems and upgrading them with new tech.

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Finance to fit any need

The fusion of APIs, open-source and cloud technology bring customization, agility, speed and flexibility to your business

  • Component-based
    Our component-based architecture enables independent road mapping, increases speed to market and enhances reliability — the perfect approach for modernizing legacy IT systems.
  • API-first
    With our innovative tooling, quickly move, manage and administer data across cloud or on-premises applications. Build reliable APIs, publish them for reusability and deploy them in a scalable environment.
  • Containers & microservices
    Our independently deployable microservices allow for the fast, flexible and reliable delivery of products and services. We enable organizations to easily upgrade their technology stack, freeing up time to focus on business capabilities.
  • Cloud-agnostic
    Our cloud solutions are flexible and scalable, peak performing and cloud-agnostic, compatible with AWS, Google, Azure, IBM…

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