Personal finance management

Help your customers better manage their finances with personalized services and insights

Position overview, personal financial insights, advanced services beyond budget management.

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… looking for increasing customers’ engagement and becoming a trusted financial advisor with personalized insights and easy-to-use budget tools.

With SBS open banking platform aggregate real-time transactional data from 3,400+ financial institutions, analyse it with the help of machine learning, leverage user’s statistics, give data-based tips, send notifications and more. Enable your customers to select banks to connect, give a consent, finish authentication, accept notifications with personalized suggestions, access budget forecasts, create goals and more.

For financial institutions

What do you get with the personal finance management?

One of our use cases to leverage different opportunities open banking brings.

Enhanced experience

Let your customers manage all their finances without changing apps

Customer trust

Provide relevant, data-based, personalized advice to your customers

Better retention

Enhanced experience – greater satisfaction, more clients remaining

Agility & flexibility

Use the PFM API to improve your applications

Reduced cost-to-income

Ready-to-use solution with the pre-integrated Tink’s technology

Innovation path

Easy access to other open banking use cases and services

Want to become THE bank for your customers?

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  • Account aggregation
    Connect to 3,400+ financial institutions across Europe. Access to the real-time transactional data (PSD2 and non-PSD2 accounts) and get the full picture of your customers' financial situation.
  • Data categorization
    Manage the complexity of various data formats & types. Refine, enrich and constantly improve data using machine learning. Achieve 95%+ accuracy with embedded, automated data categorization.
  • Actionable insights
    Give tips and prompts based on aggregated data, send real-time notifications and help customers to take right actions to better manage their personal budgets.
  • Budgets & goals
    Enable customers to set recurring (weekly, monthly or yearly) or one-off (fixed start and end time periods) goals and budgets.
  • Orderbook & audit trailing
    Comprehensive and detailed transactional requests for improved transparency and security against customers' claims.
  • Developer portal
    Comprehensive guides, full API documentation, sandbox, enhanced developers' support with the security by design.

How it works

1. Aggregate all your customers’ account information (internal and/or external).

2. Select insights and advanced services that match your business needs.

3. Discover services and associated APIs in the API developer portal and integrate them in your apps.

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