Personal finance management

A smart money management solution geared for personal finance

Engage customers with an intuitive experience — one that helps them improve their finances over time with data-driven insights, projections, and a clear overview of all their accounts.

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Powered by open banking

For financial institutions looking to increase customer engagement and retain their role as trusted advisors, personalized experiences and easy-to-use budget management software are key.

Our open banking platform makes it possible to collect real-time transactional data from thousands of banks, analyze it, predict what customers need, and provide them with personalized insights.

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Leverage the benefits

Make the most of the open banking opportunity with a pre-built solution.

Enhance experience

Transform raw data into personalized customer experiences.

Build trust

Provide relevant, data-driven, individual-specific advice.

Increase retention rates

Increase satisfaction and engagement by helping customers improve their finances.

Boost agility

Use the personal finance management (PFM) API to upgrade your applications.

Reduce costs

Improve your cost-to-income ratio with a ready-to-use solution pre-integrated with Tink technology


Gain easy access to other open banking use cases and add-on services.

  • Account aggregation

    Access transactional data from over 3,400 European financial institutions and gain a deeper understanding of your customers.

  • Data categorization

    Manage the complexity of various data types, enrich it via machine learning, and achieve maximum accuracy with automated data categorization.

  • Actionable insights

    Provide tips based on aggregated data, send real-time notifications, and help customers make the right financial decisions.

  • Budgets and goals setting

    Enable your customers to set up recurring (weekly, monthly, yearly) or one-time goals and budgets.

  • Orderbook & audit trailing

    Manage detailed transactional requests for improved transparency and security against customer disputes.

  • Developer portal

    Utilize complete guides, full API documentation, sandbox services, and enhanced developer support.

How it works

1. Aggregate all your customers’ internal and external account information.

2. Select the insights and services that match your business needs.

3. Discover services and associated APIs via the developer portal and integrate them into your apps.

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See how our market-leading personal finance management software can engage, inspire and convert more customers.