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SBP for Financial Inclusion is a robust and scalable solution that meets the current and future needs of financial inclusion stakeholders.

We support…

… Financial institutions with their continuous transformation, thanks to our deep expertise and extensive experience. SBP for Financial Inclusion offers an end-to-end solution that includes core system components and expands beyond microcredit, from nano- and micro-loans up to SME & business loans.

Financial inclusion

Financial inclusion matters to us

SBP for Financial Inclusion is an API-first solution, addressing any type of financial inclusion that seeks microfinance-like activity, allowing you to reach unbanked populations with ease. Through our API integration layer, the platform enables clients to extend their customer base, address mass markets through their own channels, and extend their reach by attracting new customers through partnerships.

  • 40+ Years of experience
  • Proudly serving over+30M people
  • Trusted by more than 30 financial institutions
  • Live and localized in excess of 20 countries
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Financial Inclusion | Evolution graph from Nano, Micro and SME to Business Loan
  • Support strong transaction volumes

  • Address all business functions

  • Keep in-tune with regulations

  • Deployment flexibility

    available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and on-premise

  • Create unique customer journeys

  • 360-degree real-time customer view

Benefit from an integrated ecosystem

We tailor our solution to fit your specific needs. With that in mind, our API-first solution connects to your…

  • Banking platform

    SBP for Financial inclusion links to your core banking solution to provide specific microfinance services.

  • Digital channels

    Provide microfinance capabilities through innovative channels and connect with ease and maximum efficiency.

  • Partners

    Benefit from our ecosystem of trusted partners to extend your reach by attracting new customers.

Start your microfinance today

Due to its wide functional coverage and performance capabilities, SBP for Financial Inclusion is designed to efficiently fulfill current and future business requirements and reduce operating costs.

To develop your offering and shorten time to market, we offer consistent component packages and a wide range of services to support you throughout your projects.

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They Trust Us

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SBP for Financial inclusion is currently implemented in 8 countries, where cloud deployment allowed considerable cost reductions, and a superior customer experience was achieved through digital transformation.

Going with SBS Financial Inclusion allowed CCC PLC to double their turnover. It provided also traning and continuous throughout the project.

Over 4 million new customers enrolled, 17 million loans distributed and 1 million transactions processed everyday during the year since going live with our solution.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is Sopra Banking Software (SBS) favoring financial inclusion and accessibility?+

    Financial inclusion can be improved by using open banking data, giving a more dynamic view of a borrower’s financial situation and repayment capability. Oursolutions help implement client rating instruments with the support of AI, machine learning, and other digital solutions. Highly flexible workflows provide banks and other lenders the option to monitor clients who may be deemed as vulnerable due to their personal circumstances, disabilities, or complex financial situations. Examples of accessibility options include adapting screens to accommodate users with visual impairments.