Community – Digital Banking

Be a gamechanger bank with social banking

Create the ultimate social banking experience your customers need.

Harness in-demand social capabilities to differentiate against competition, create customer evangelists and transform your financial institution into a social powerhouse.

  • 90%

    Slash customer acquisition costs

    Decrease customer acquisition costs by 90% all while seamlessly engaging with customers and increasing their lifetime value.

  • 70+

    NPS score

    Understand your customers and give them the engaging experiences they deserve. Boost customer satisfaction, and retention.

  • 90%

    Customer support costs

    Decrease customer support costs. Lower the pressure on traditional support channels by leveraging peer-to-peer recommendations.

Digital Banking


Today, banks need a digital-firstcost-effective way to acquire customers and retain them. With Community banks can:

  • Strengthen the human connection vital to building trust and loyalty in today’s digital age.
  • Turn satisfied customers into brand ambassadors by leveraging a single financial portal at a fraction of the cost.
  • Nurture users with relevant content, boost customer engagement, and create the tailored digital banking experiences they deserve.
Access the full feature list

A full-suite of compelling social banking features including

  • Product Subscription

  • Loyalty & Rewards

  • Ratings, Suggestions & Feedback

  • Tailored Advertisements

Promote product acquisition by enabling users to subscribe to a multitude of banking & partner products and services with just a click.

Drive onboarding and engagement with loyalty points and rewards.

Analyse product efficacy by gathering insights on consumer uptake. Outsource your bank’s innovation. Gather fresh ideas, then leverage the best ones for the roadmap.

Increase and diversify revenue streams by promoting hyper-personalized offers and integrating in partner services.


Leverage the power of social media to boost acquisition and foster engagement

  • Acquisition | Drive users to the Community with social, organic and paid advertising.
  • Community | Nurture them with relevant financial content in an anonymous, safe space. Provide peer-to-peer advice and rewards for engagement.
  • KYC customers | Attain new customers and build long-lasting relationships thanks to enhanced trust and seamless engagement.

Be a gamechanger bank

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