Sopra Banking Platform

Component based core banking

In summary

Sopra Banking Platform can provide in-depth, end-to-end coverage for your entire financial business or can meet needs of certain business segments on a modular basis.  Whether you are looking for a quicker way to launch products, increase margins through superior position keeping or manage large data volumes in the most efficient way possible, Sopra Banking Platform is the solution you seek.

Any type of installation is possible: a new, end-to-end core banking system or a replacement of a legacy system, an expansion of an existing core banking solution, or a step-by-step approach with selected component implementation. 

Due to the Platform’s service-oriented architecture (SOA), our banking components remain compatible with existing third-party solutions as well as all other software that can provide them with or draw data from them. We have designed the Platform with scalability in mind, and handles high volumes fast and efficiently. It is at home in any current hardware and software environment.

Transformation: minimize risk, maximize efficiency

Larger banks often have soft- and hardware structures that have grown organically over the course of many years. To minimize risk during the implementation period, the transformation method re-aligns one horizontal or vertical line of business, while your other solutions keep running uninterrupted. 

Transformation is a smart way to disentangle a web of legacy applications. We have even developed our Enterprise Architecture approach to specifically deal with the complexities of this process. In addition, our solution’s SOA architecture guarantees a better-integrated core banking infrastructure.

We also offer sets of specialized business components that can be installed separately or à la carte, according to your need. Together with our products, they form the basis of our market- and domain-oriented value propositions.

Key advantages

  • Mix and match components to meet your needs
  • Deepest business domain coverage
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Implementation approach decreases risk, increases uptime
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