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The Core Banking Solution that fulfils your expectations

In summary

All banks are different. This is why we have developed specialised solutions that provide the best possible response to retail banking requirements: an integrated core banking solution - which can be configured to suit your requirements; and a component-based solution - which can be partially or fully installed, in one go, or in stages (gradual transformation).

Key advantages

  • Offers omnichannel distribution
  • Process optimisation
  • Digital transformation support [+lien vers Digital Banking Solutions]
  • Enables rapid go to market for new products
  • Anticipates future growth, thanks to its agility and flexibility
  • Live data processing for real time work  
  • Facilitates multi-country operations thanks to localisation
  • Offers alignment across business domains thanks to vertical transformation
  • Makes it possible to rationalise operational layers thanks to horizontal transformation 
  • Ensures regulatory compliance thanks to regulatory maintenance
  • Can be personalised depending on your brands and products 

Integrated solution

Optimum implementation duration
Broad coverage of business requirements

Modular solution

Choice of components to  meet your requirements
In-depth coverage of business domains
Service oriented architecture, compatible with third-party solutions

As a retail bank, you are facing multiple challenges which are forcing you to think again: new regulations, increasingly volatile and demanding customers, or obsolete existing solutions. To drive differentiation by offering innovative products and services via various channels, you need to be able to count on a core banking solution that is solid, agile and suitable for your specific requirements.

Because all retail banks are different, we are offering specific solutions to provide the best possible response to your needs. Our integrated core banking solutions offers rich functionalities, enables implementation in optimal deadlines, and can be preconfigured to suit your requirements. The modular solution is compatible with third-party products, it can be either partially or fully installed, in one go, or in stages – this type of approach is often suitable for banks operating in large geographical zones with complicated existing solutions and operations that cannot be suspended.

Customer testimonies

Sopra Banking’s mobile app falls exactly in line with what a modern retail bank needs. It is streamlined, secure and fast....

Louis Mahy CIO

Related products and components

Sopra Banking Platform

Component based core banking

Sopra Banking Platform product is designed as a ‘Digital Transformation Enabler’. It is a fully-fledged, component-based & digital-ready solution for any financial institution in retail & commercial banking. Its full flexibility means that it can be implemented in many different ways, depending on the bank’s need: replace existing legacy applications by best-of-breed business components or by pre-integrated business assemblies or end-to-end solutions.

Sopra Banking Amplitude

The integrated core banking solution that supports Digital

Sopra Banking Amplitude is THE core banking solution that makes it possible to tackle all banking difficulties with an integrated approach and to address digital and regulatory challenges to meet customers’ needs in an ever-changing market. We can support you through these changes and help you to seize all the opportunities they offer.

Mortgage and Savings Suite

End-to-end control over your entire portfolio

The Mortgage and Savings Suite gives you a single, consistent solution that provides end-to-end control over your entire portfolio.

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