Loan origination

Managing credit distribution while optimising customer experience

In summary

Consumers expect their banks to provide personalised and rapidly available credit offers. In a highly competitive market, customer-focused business strategies represent a major competitive edge for banks. Loan Origination enables banks to achieve operational excellence in omnichannel credit distribution.

Key avantages

  • Credit distribution life cycle automation
  • Personal and corporate loans
  • Seamless distribution channel interconnections
  • Collaborative workflow
  • Offer and pricing conditions varying according to channels used
  • Electronic document management system and electronic signature
  • Omnichannel distribution solution accelerator 

In detail

Loan origination, a full and unique solution, enables financial institutions to achieve operational excellence in omnichannel credit distribution. The solution facilitates quick and efficient loan request processing, via various channels, for multiple market segments, while guaranteeing a top-quality user experience and smooth interactions between borrowers, partners and lenders. Throughout the origination cycle advanced automation possibilities are offered. Thus, resources are freed up and can concentrate on activities with greater added value.
The solution offers an integrated and flexible approach which can cater to all institutions’ specific requirements in terms of processes, organisation, business strategy and risks. The solution supports all users thanks to intuitive tasks which are automatically assigned to the right stakeholder. Requests are processed quicker and more efficiently, and customer service quality is guaranteed. Finally, the solution facilitates new product launches, and changes in products and processes. 

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