Optimising the entire lending value chain

In summary

Against a backdrop of increased pressure coming from customers, regulators and competition, retaining customers and attracting new ones is a major challenge for a financial institution. Lending Suite offers a full range of solutions that guarantee agility and efficiency throughout the entire loan lifecycle: distribution, management, collection and customer and loan risks.

Key avantages

  • Multi-market (personal and corporate)
  • Omnichannel
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Automated processing 
  • Value chain segmentation possible 
  • Creation of shared service centres
  • Pan-European lending platforms 
  • Regulatory standardisation

In detail

Business-focused solutions

The Lending business suite supports ‘lending’ programmes targeting multiple markets, countries, subsidiaries, currencies, languages, brands, and products. The offer includes scalable and proven software solutions, combined with business consulting for all lending stakeholders: large international institutions, financial corporations or niche players.

Full value chain coverage

Lending Suite offers agile and flexible solutions that make it possible to:

  • Quickly create and launch new offers, products, and services; in context depending on the distribution channel;
  • Distribute loans by optimising the cross-channel request process for corporate origination and administrative origination;
  • Manage loans: registering contracts and collateral received, day-to-day running and amendments, securitisation, amicable debt collection and recovery of bad debts

Efficient and controlled risk management

Lending Suite offers a range of functions that aim to better manage loan and customer risks:

  • Simulation to assist customer decisions and optimised activity steering;
  • Financial calculation engines, tools to manage collaterals received and provisions;
  • Processing unpaid instalments from initial notifications to handling disputes, with or without legal proceedings;
  • Customer limits and commitments repository.

Customer testimonies

The new platform is critical to our current operations, as well as allowing us to easily implement our new business strategy. This was a true partnership approach with Sopra Banking Software. ...

Robbie Hughes CEO de Capita Asset Services

Related products and components

Loan origination

Managing credit distribution while optimising customer experience

Consumers expect their banks to provide personalised and rapidly available credit offers. In a highly competitive market, customer-focused business strategies represent a major competitive edge for banks.

Loan servicing

Rationalising your full lending management process

As you constantly strive to achieve operational excellence, the Loan Servicing solution enables you to rationalise your credit management system by implementing a single platform that groups together different entities and activities.

Collateral Management

Optimising collateral management processes’ efficiency

Collateral Management, a full suite which covers the entire life cycle of collateral received and integrates periodic revaluation and review functions, is the ideal solution for reducing risks linked to managing collateral received.

Provision management

Managing provisions and write-offs

Banks have been facing numerous changes in regulations for five years. The new IFRS9 standard represents a certain willingness to align risks and the related provisions.

Collection Management

Optimising collection rates and costs

With the end-goal of constantly delivering operational excellence, the Collection Management solution covers the full collection spectrum; from application detection to analysis and management.

Sopra Banking Platform

Component based core banking

Sopra Banking Platform can provide in-depth, end-to-end coverage for your entire financial business or can meet needs of certain business segments on a modular basis. Whether you are looking for a quicker way to launch products, increase margins through superior position keeping or manage large data volumes in the most efficient way possible, Sopra Banking Platform is the solution you seek.


Cassiopae is the most comprehensive global software for finance management.

Cassiopae’s digital-driven, front-to-back lending and leasing solution gives you the information you need to deliver new levels of customer responsiveness and innovation.

Component Banker

Full lending solution

ComponentBanker provides a full lending solution. It manages all types of lending products and fully supports the complete lending chain, from borrower to investor. It is ideal for managing complex installment loan contracts of different companies and for managing marketplace lending. The solution can be used by own staff, partners and customers without additional development.

Mortgage and Savings Suite

End-to-end control over your entire portfolio

The Mortgage and Savings Suite gives you a single, consistent solution that provides end-to-end control over your entire portfolio.

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