Sopra Banking Amplitude

The integrated core banking solution that supports Digital

In summary

Sopra Banking Amplitude is THE core banking solution that makes it possible to tackle all banking difficulties with an integrated approach and to address digital and regulatory challenges to meet customers’ needs in an ever-changing market. We can support you through these changes and help you to seize all the opportunities they offer.

Sopra Banking Amplitude is successfully implemented by 200 banks in 50 countries and is able to answer need of any kind of financial institutions, from emerging banks to large banking groups.

Key advantages

  • Large coverage of business needs
  • An entirely secure and digital-ready system
  • A scalable and agile solution
  • Customer and process-oriented architecture

Customer testimonies

We have chosen a software vendor with over 40 years’ experience, and an international leader in the domain, to support us with our strategic development....

Philippe Attobra CEO

As a software vendor / integrator, Sopra Banking Software is firmly committed to making its customers’ projects a success – both for emerging banks, and throughout their development, and for large banking groups.

Dedicated services

  • Business and IT consulting
  • Innovation / Digital
  • Compliance, regulatory watch
  • Security
  • Training 

The Future is open

Imagining and rolling out what will be new usages in response to customer expectations is one of the many digital transformation challenges that financial institutions face. A bank’s information system is no longer a collection of business modules: today, it has a fundamental role to play when creating new added-value services for the end customer. Catalysts such as regulations and API development are now inciting information systems to become digital-ready, agile and open.

With an open, service oriented architecture (APIs) and combined with Axway solutions, Amplitude provides an innovative, suitable and secured response to address the new requirements of a Digital-focused market. Using the APIs offered with Sopra Banking Amplitude means you can transform your information system and revitalise your offers and financial services in an ever-changing ecosystem (partners and FinTechs etc) and an uncertain environment (regulation and competition etc). Sopra Banking Amplitude combines the robustness and openness required to make your projects a success.

Sopra Banking Software’s extensive range of products and solutions in the financial and digital domain, combined with partner FinTechs will enable you to co-design your digital transformation with our experts. 

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