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In summary

Today, it is difficult to take any functional or technical decisions on architecture that will stand the test of time and take into account technological developments (and what they can actually contribute) without following the latest fad. Sopra Banking Software doesn’t just dispense advice on this matter; it actually implements the advice and pragmatic tools it promotes into its own products.

Key advantages

  • Consistency across different regulatory reporting
  • Pragmatism when it comes to strategic choices and their implementation
  • Sopra Banking Software’s teams’ in-depth knowledge of regulations
  • Accelerated BCBS239 compliance thanks to pre-configured tools
  • Reduced cost and and shortened compliance deadlines
  • Full end-to-end audit trail
  • Personalised approach depending on the the size of the organisation
  • New technologies and their contributions accommodated (Big Data, IA, etc.)


In detail

Even if BCBS239 put forward some sensible recommendations, it’s often difficult to implement these principles into an IT system. Given the disparity between systems, level of complexity, extent of impacts, and the risk of breaking something than still runs well, it’s probably more difficult to ensure compliance with this regulation than with others.

Sopra Banking Software has been advocating the principles of BCBS239 since 2016, long before regulators and banks started to focus on the topic. Thanks to our presence in nearly all French and international banks, we have developed clear ideas about what should be set up to simplify and bring coherence to regulatory reporting. Above all, we know how to do this with a pragmatic, step-by-step approach. The best way to ensure that your advice is credible is to take it on board yourself; we have implemented our recommendations into our products and developed accelerators which allow any institution to choose the level of service they want to provide, or what they want to add to make their project a success.
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