European Regulations

Efficiency and pragmatism in the light of accelerating European standardisation

In summary

Sopra Banking Compliance offers a proven, efficient and unparalleled response to address increasingly dense, and constantly changing, European regulatory requirements defined by the European Central Bank and implemented by the European Banking Authority. The solution covers risk calculation in accordance with CRR and EBA prudential reporting in XBRL.

Key advantages

  • Full compliance with European regulations
  • Automated data collection, calculations and reporting
  • Advanced and customisable regulatory checks system
  • Dash board: process progress, anomaly detection, analysis, user actions
  • Complete audit trail
  • Seamless integration with XBRL
  • Regulatory compliance guarantee 

In details

In order to effectively respond to European requirements and to provide reliable calculations and reports, Sopra Banking Software offers a software suite with three programs:

Sopra Banking Compliance - Recon

  • Finance and Risks data warehouse
  • Extended risk calculations engine using the IRB method (CRR)

Sopra Banking Compliance – CAD

  • Simplified risk calculation engine in standard mode (CRR)

Sopra Banking Compliance – Report

  • Periodic summary reporting for EBA regulations: COREP (own funds and solvency ratio), large exposures, leverage ratio, FINREP in IRFS and National GAAP, Liquidity (LCR / NSFR), Asset Encumbrance, Funding plans, Supervisory Benchmarking Portfolio

 This software suite is available to institutions in all Eurozone countries that have opted for the regulation and the EBA framework.
Furthermore, the software optimises risk management, use of resources, and processing times thanks to its advanced automation capacities, as well as its simplified and standardised processes.

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