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The European Central Bank continues to improve its prudential supervision and monetary statistics tools. In cooperation with eurozone National Central Banks and several NCBs outside the eurozone, the ECB
has launched the AnaCredit programme (analytical credit datasets). AnaCredit, standardised credit datasets, was developed using national credit registers already in place that were then supplemented with new data.

To address these challenges, Sopra Banking Software has developed its Compliance-AnaCredit solution that collects the relevant data automatically in order to produce the required “loan by loan” declaration.

A close collaboration

Compliance-AnaCredit is the result of close cooperation with several NCBs: the Bank of Spain as part of CIRBE, “Deutsche Bundesbank” or the “Banque de France”, with whom we have been working for 25 years, in particular for the reporting to the national Credit Register…
These proximities enabled us to design Compliance-AnaCredit as early as the genesis of the European reform, but also to take into account country variations, as and when communicated by the NCBs, and thus to be
in perfect adequacy with expectations and schedules of our clients.

One solution for all European establishments

The European regulation, as published by the Governing Council in May 2016, supervises exchanges between National Central Banks and the European Central Bank. Collection models may differ in each eurozone country according to local organisations and requirements.

To address these national collection models’ specific requirements, Compliance-AnaCredit is based on a flexible architecture and a high level of configurability. This enables the solution to adapt to various establishments’ different organisations, with one or several reporting entities.

Key Advantages

  • Processes risk centralisation for European and national standards
  • Suitable for establishments or groups of all sizes, with small to large volumes
  • Automated data collection or partial/full manual input
  • Manages all regulatory checks
  • Full audit trail
  • Manages returns from NCB: anomaly reports and debt situations
  • Regulatory watch and maintenance
  • “À la carte” support and implementation services offered by our Professional Services

A Web application

Built using the latest technology, Compliance AnaCredit is based on a n-tier architecture, distinguishing the dataset, business processing, and presentation layers.
The software has an easy to use, ergonomic interface that can be accessed from a web browser. Its advanced search, modification, viewing, and analysis functions make it possible to carefully manage contract information and the counterparties to be declared.

Thanks to data collection automation and declaration process optimisation, Compliance-AnaCredit enables users to focus on business rather than repetitive tasks.

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