Finance, Risk and Compliance

Agility and efficiency to anticipate and address constant changes in regulations

In summary

Sopra banking Software’s key differentiating factor lies in its ability to make finance and risk processes used by financial institutions more effective by truly optimising resources. Sopra Banking Software leverages its advanced business and technical skills, as well as its Compliance software suite, which provides an effective response to national and international regulatory compliance requirements.

Key advantages

  • Full compliance with national and international regulatory requirements
  • Risk calculation and management in accordance with Basel III / CRD IV
  • Response to challenges posed by AnaCredit
  • Anticipates changes in European Central Bank reporting processes  (BIRD project)
  • Seamless integration with XBRL (complexity fully and transparently managed)

In detail

Against the backdrop of a constantly changing ecosystem, Sopra Banking Software is helping financial institutions to adapt and improve their finance and risk processes. Its Software suite – Sopra Banking Compliance – dedicated to both business lines - finance and risks - was developed in close cooperation with regulatory organisations and banks. At this stage, Sopra Banking Compliance encompasses regulations currently applicable in over 25 countries. The Software suite covers Basel III / CRD IV risk calculation, ensures reporting required by National Central Banks and the ECB, and it also manages reporting linked to AnaCredit. In addition, it covers banking customers’ fiscal declarations, and FATCA and CRS regulations, and a Finance and Risk data warehouse guarantees consistency across reporting.

Related products and components

Finance and Risk

Simplified compliance

Today, it is difficult to take any functional or technical decisions on architecture that will stand the test of time and take into account technological developments (and what they can actually contribute) without following the latest fad.

National regulations

An agile and robust range of software rolled out in over 25 countries

Sopra Banking Compliance offers a proven, reliable, efficient and scalable solution to generate the regulatory reports required in over 25 countries, in full, ongoing compliance with regulations. The software manages reporting to various National Central Banks, deposit guarantee fund declarations and banking customers’ fiscal reporting.

European Regulations

Efficiency and pragmatism in the light of accelerating European standardisation

Sopra Banking Compliance offers a proven, efficient and unparalleled response to address increasingly dense, and constantly changing, European regulatory requirements defined by the European Central Bank and implemented by the European Banking Authority.



With deadlines as of March 2018, a very demanding scope due to the number of products covered and the granularity required, AnaCredit marks a new milestone in the reporting obligations of financial institutions and the organizations to be set up.


successfully manage the transition

With the deadline for compliance with IFRS9 approaching bankers and insurers must start preparing themselves now.


Automatic Exchange of Information for tax purposes

​As part of the fight against tax evasion, as while the USA are implementing FATCA, the OECD and G20 have decided to launch an Automatic Exchange of Information for tax purposes programme, with a common reporting standard.

Sopra Banking Platform

Component based core banking

Sopra Banking Platform product is designed as a ‘Digital Transformation Enabler’. It is a fully-fledged, component-based & digital-ready solution for any financial institution in retail & commercial banking. Its full flexibility means that it can be implemented in many different ways, depending on the bank’s need: replace existing legacy applications by best-of-breed business components or by pre-integrated business assemblies or end-to-end solutions.

ANADEFI Counterparty Risk Management

Financial analysis and internal rating for corporates


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