Direct Banking on SaaS

A single point of contact to simplify your business/operations

In summary

Let us manage your infrastructure in SaaS mode and take care of software release and version updates so that you can fully concentrate on direct banking. Thanks to this shared, standard platform you can achieve maximum economies of scale and benefit from various customisation options.              

Key advantages

  • A global partner – solutions vendor, integrator and operator – to simplify your operations
  • Zero hardware or software investment required
  • Pay per use and optional modules to suite your needs
  • A proven and secured solution (ISO 27001 certified)
  • Full functional coverage (deposits, payments, securities, cash flow; credit functions studied on request)  including customer interfaces
  • A scalable solution that adapts to suite business size and growth
  • A robust and secure environment with customisation options
  • Sopra Steria Group’s infrastructure management and cyber security experience 

In detail

Interest rates are historically low and traditional banks continue to offer their customers products remotely; therefore direct banks are now under pressure. Attracting new customers means that they have to offer a differentiating experience and appealing savings or loan products. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) offer is fully in line with these objectives.

With our Direct Banking on Saas offer, you will have one single point of contact to simplify your operations and enable you to concentrate on your core business.

By implementing a SaaS model your bank is ‘ready to go’ and fully compliant with regulations in a hosted environment. This turn-key approach means that you can launch operations faster than with a more traditional approach. Customer interfaces can still be customised in order to represent your brand and your strategy. Moreover, SaaS mode guarantees agility and supports growth. The pay-per-use pricing model makes it possible for you to limit initial investments as well as operation costs. Once the solution has been rolled out, all your IT is taken care of. Therefore, you can fully concentrate on direct banking. Furthermore, our solution will support you as you continue you develop.

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