Digital Experience Platform for PSD2

Supporting your PSD2 strategy

In a nutshell

The new Payment Services Directive (PSD2) goes far beyond simply updating the first directive (PSD) to regulate practices that have not been covered so far. Quite the contrary, PSD2 regulates the rupture in the way we consume and provide financial services.  With compliance and development of new services for customers and third-parties, our Digital Experience Platform for PSD2 solution helps you to take full advantage of this new environment.

Main advantages

  • Facilitate compliance. 
  • Expand capacities to Open Banking to:
    • Offer all regulated services (e.g. TPP for an ASPSP).
    • Combine services for an optimum customer experience,
  • Capitalise on any existing system.
  • Accelerate service implementation.
  • Manage the related risks.

In detail

DxP for PSD2 solution offered by Sopra Banking Software and Axway is a Digital Experience Platform (DxP) use case where we have implemented two levels of offers dedicated to PSD2:

  • ‘Foundation’ helps you to address PSD2 obligations: in addition to implementing various sets of APIs, Foundation provides consent, customer authorisations, information or initiation request traceability and real time analytics.
  • ‘Advanced’ enables an Account Servicing Payment Service Provider bank (ASPSP) to position itself as a Third-Party Provider (TPP) and to provide other added value services for third-parties or customers.

To support your digital strategy, DxP for PSD2 enables you to expose service to TPPs and consume services from the entire financial ecosystem.
Hence DxP for PSD2 leverages the regulation to pave the way for new opportunities.

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