Digital eXperience Platform (DxP)

When it comes to outrunning the competition, the best experience comes out on top!

Are you seeking to improve your digital customer journey?

Today, customer experience is the number one priority to stay at the cutting edge!

Financial players have to solve a complex equation: digital technologies enable quick changes, open the door to ever increasing competition, while regulation is continuously reinforced.

There are so many reasons why banks should leverage technology, make the most of services offered by their ecosystem, and expand their services beyond traditional financial products.

In light of these challenges, we are creating the Digital eXperience Platform.

Cloud native solution. Open APIs. Developed using DevOps methods. What else?

Leverage your assets

Unleash the power of your core banking system with our agnostic solution!

Invent customer journey

Facilitate customer on-boarding and build a seamless omni-channel journey, by designing a new customer experience and innovative services

Integrate your ecosystem

Easily combine services integrating the best of the Fintech ecosystem, to create ever improved added-value.


Still looking for reasons to change?

  • Less than 40%

of European retail banks'processes are digitised (Source: McKinsey). What about yours?

  • 87%

of customers receive non-personalised information from their bank (Source: Deloitte). What about yours?

  • 12%

is the reduction in cost to income ratios that a wholesale-banking digitalization programmes can deliver (Source: BCG). What about yours?

Ready to move forward?

The Digital eXperience Platform provides business services through APIs to:

· Create new customer engagement schemes
· Improve customer knowledge
· Accelerate personalised distribution of basic products and services
· Design personalised sales process based on customer analytics
· Secure access to bank account information aligned with PSD2
· Enable you to act as a TPP
· Manage end user consent

The Digital eXperience Platform offers an end-to-end solution to provide new services leveraging your own offers and the ones from your partners, operate them and maintain/change them easily.


Let's innovate together!
Participate in our workshop sessions to ideate your new use cases, or leverage existing ones that we can share with you. Check it out!

Our use cases

PSD2, comply, or go beyond and act as a TPP!
Learn more? > Supporting your PSD2 strategy

· Facilitate compliance
· Benefit from advanced management services
· Expand capabiliities towards Open Banking

DIGITAL BANKING COMPANION, accelerate new digital customer journey implementation!

· Enhance your customers’ journey,
· Leverage existing assets
· Unleash your creativity and overtake your competitors!

Interested? Contact us, or visit our use cases pages!

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