Open source and market standards

The future of banking is collaborative

New technologies, regulations and competitors are driving unprecedented change in the financial services space. This means that financial institutions must innovate faster now than ever before — today, open collaboration is essential.

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Tap into the power of the crowd

Being an open source contributor means having confidence in your work. It means working to collectively build a better future.

  • Bolster security
    An open approach puts more people to work, detecting and addressing security flaws.
  • Build community
    Bound by a common drive, open-source solutions often have thriving communities around them.
  • Reduce cost
    No licensing fees can be a decisive advantage when calculating the total cost of deploying a solution.
  • Enhance transparency
    More visibility of the code base, as well as discussions about features and bugs, equals more efficient development.
  • Shorten time-to-market
    Open source solutions are freely available, and thus it’s often much faster to explore options and get solutions off the ground.


Engaging with the rich, open source ecosystem is one of our keys to success. To build our platforms and applications, we leverage Kubernetes, Docker, Istio, and others to ease and speed up the development. Over time, these iterative improvements bring about faster innovation at scale.

Platforms & tools

Our platforms are continually evolving to take advantage of the latest developments in the open source ecosystem and to build exceptional customer experiences. Our flexible, stable, open source based infrastructure and tools allow for the optimization of existing IT environments to prepare them to meet the needs of the modern bank.

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