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The easiest way to provide new advanced services.

Leverage clean and categorized financial data, get to know your customer better than ever before, improve their experience and gain loyalty.

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Years of banking industry knowledge, high-quality customer data aggregation & enrichment, and a Gartner-leading API platform. 3,400+ FSI connected.

1 open banking API

To access customers’ data from 3,400+ FSI

Fully compliant

With PSD2 regulation and Berlin group standards

400+ banking APIs

To design innovative use cases for your customers

Core banking agnostic

To stay with your existing core banking system

Cloud-native platform

Software-as-a-Service to focus on your core competencies

Fast implementation

With off-the-shelf use cases and pre-integrated partners’ tech


Become THE bank for your customers

Connect to 3,400+ financial institutions and manage the complexity of data formats & types, authentication & authorization schemes. Access to both PSD2 regulated and non-PSD2 accounts (savings, credit, etc.). Aggregate, analyze and present data in a user-friendly way.

• Better knowledge of customers with a full view of their finances
• Improved customer experience, higher usage of banking apps and services, increased customer satisfaction and retention
• Easier innovation with an access to other open banking use cases and services
• Security against customer claims thanks to audit trailing of customer requests execution

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Customer onboarding

Improve the KYC process

Improve KYC performance with real-time access to customers’ identity information and financial data. Direct autofilling, instant account verification, enhanced credit scoring for fast and effortless onboarding.

• Fast and effortless onboarding process for a bank and its customers
• Improved back-office productivity thanks to real-time data aggregation from trusted sources
• Improved KYC performance, improved due diligence and compliance with regulations
• Enhanced credit scoring based on gathered customer data gathered from other banks
• Reduced errors and risks by having a trusted data source
• Reduced drop-offs and improved customer conversions by reducing customer onboarding time and effort
• Reduced cost-to-income ratio

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Personal finance

Become a trusted financial advisor

Benefit from embedded, automated data categorization to achieve maximum accuracy. Help your customers improve their financial behavior. Position overview, personal financial insights based on analysis of spending patterns, recurring and one-off budget management, personalized notifications.

• Maximum accuracy in data categorization thanks to the machine learning algorithms
• Personal insights when and where they are the most relevant for bank’s customers
• Increased customer engagement and digital sales thanks to providing budget management tools and personalized financial insights
• Increased customers’ trust and loyalty thanks to data-driven, AI and machine learning-based insights and advice
• Easier innovation with an access to other open banking use cases and services

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Digital lending

Enhance credit scoring

Access to traditionally underserved customers with the real-time financial information from 3,400 financial institutions. Reduce risks and make more accurate credit decisions by identifying borrowers’ ability to make repayments. Customize payment plans based on unique financial situations.

Full financial picture of your customers with real-time data from 3,400 financial institutions and analytics of their spending behavior
• Increased acquisition rate with an easier and faster origination process
• Improved operational efficiency and lower operational costs, eliminating long manual examination of countless administrative documents
• Ability to personalize loan offers, upsell and crosssell, based on the real-time customer data
• Improved customer experience

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All for developers

A single API integration to connect to 3,400+ financial institutions and access to customers’ available personal and financial data.
Developer portal with clear API documentation, service descriptions and guides.
API management, API analytics and reporting from a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader’19.
Comprehensive and detailed transactional requests audit trailing for improved transparency.
Sandbox and professional support for you to build new services.

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