Open banking APIs,
open infrastructure

Digitize your customer experience with innovating on top of your existing systems using open banking APIs.

1 open banking API to connect to 3,400+ financial institutions in Europe, 400+ business banking APIs to design innovative financial services.

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The best of open banking ecosystem

Apart from a connection to 3,400+ financial institutions in Europe, we also enable ecosystem networking with various third party providers. Many of our partners’ technologies and services are already pre-integrated into our open banking platform, facilitating the design of innovative use cases.

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Middleware for freeing up core banking systems

Our open banking platform runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), connects to your core systems as well as to third party systems and exposes a rich set of business banking APIs.
– API catalog of 400+ business banking APIs to support open banking use cases
– Highly secure API Gateway
Self-service API portal for developers
– A fully persistant sandbox
– API management and API analytics from a world leader (Axway) recognized by Gartner & Forrester
– Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) workflows satisfying PSD2 and similar regulation
AI & machine-learning for accurate data enrichment & categorization
Consent management and much more

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PSD2 compliance

30+ banks are using our PSD2 compliance solution (incl. Berlin Group standards)

Consent management

Control at the hands of end-users: what data to share and then

Leading API platform

Gartner & Forrester leading API Platform: API management, analytics and more

Cloud integration

Agile integration with AWS Cloud infrastructure

Secure accesses

To various ecosystems with robust cybersecurity solutions

Forward innovation

With systems’ digitization & open banking use cases

Developer portal

We love developers & entrepreneurs. APIs’ usage is at the center of the Open Banking concept. We help financial institutions build new services for tomorrow, providing a comprehensive API documentation, services guides, sandbox and 24/7 support for developers.
Sopra Banking Software’s developer portal is available for all clients of the banking platform.

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Open innovation

Design your services or leverage off-the-shelf open banking use cases ready to be integrated to your current systems.

  • Multi-banking

    ASPSP management, order book with an audit trailing, consent management, data aggregation & position overview, data enrichment & categorization.

  • Personal finance

    Account aggregation, personal financial insights based on the analysis of spending patterns, recurring and one-off budget management, personalized notifications.

  • Enhanced onboarding & KYC

    External data aggregation, KYC & data autofill, enhanced credit scoring, instant income verification, orderbook and audit trailing.

  • Digital lending

    Data aggregation & enrichment, smart financial overview, KYC data autofill, customer spending analytics and financial insights.

  • Streamlined remittance

    Credit transfer initiation, account aggregation, cash management, financial overview.

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