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Sopra Banking Amplitude: Re-imagine the banking customer journey

18 12 2017

Against a backdrop of digital transformation and innovation, banks create offers and services that take added value for the customer as a starting point. The idea? Take action at every major milestone in a customer’s life. These life milestones enable banks to sell their offers, at the right time, based on markers that are no longer theirs, but the customer’s. For example, we talk about buying a car instead of taking out a loan.
Sopra Banking Software has created video scenarios to illustrate these various moments in the customer journey in their relationship with their bank. They also illustrate the link with our solutions and services, here with Amplitude and customer requirements in Africa and the Middle-East.
Djibril is a taxi driver who has to juggle everyday worries and his very demanding job. His local bank branch is far away; he doesn’t have time to make an appointment with his bank advisor. How should these needs be managed?

This use case show how the bank can address, and even exceed, Djibril’s needs both simply and quickly, by offering a mobile, instantaneous, and digital journey and by thus creating new customer experiences that address specific needs at a given point in time. 

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