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Instant Payments - The right time to share investments

27 09 2017

By aiming to establish Instant Payment as the new payment tool in Europe, the European authorities plan to modernise payment systems and raise the European Union to the same level as other regions, while avoiding fragmentation in European markets after SEPA harmonisation and also guarantee European sovereignty.
Many uses can already be foreseen in the P2P, C2B, B2C and B2B segments. Others remain to be invented. In certain cases, Instant Payment will compete with cash or even card payments. New business models can be envisioned.
Ultimately, all bank transfers may shift towards Instant Payment. Tomorrow’s payment systems will therefore have to function on a real-time basis and also be able to process heavy volumes.
Investments are therefore required. It is in the interest of banks to mutualise their investments if they wish to maintain their competitive advantages and their capacity to develop service solutions.
Transactis is proposing a mutualised Instant Payment platform, in partnership with Sopra Banking Software. In France, Societe Generale and La Banque Postale have already opted to use this service.

Philippe Taranchon

Head of Instant Payments offering Transactis


Bernard Ramé

Payments & Cards Offer Director Sopra Banking Software

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