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CIOs, are you looking for IT experts? Should they be your employees or your partners?

31 10 2018

63% of banks consider recruiting and retaining key talents as one of their top three priorities for growth. It is no surprise that in the digital era, there is a great deal of interest for well-qualified IT specialists.
As Financial Services production directly depends on the capabilities of their Information Systems, large banks have been almost in-house for years even if they have moved to using specific software provided by vendors, while focusing on architecturing, integrating and operating information systems on premise. Hence the need for well-trained IT teams.
Considering current global digitisation, banks have to reinvent themselves within their whole ecosystem. In addition, they have to meet the superfast Time-To-Market requirements enabled by digital. This is a profound revolution as it affects both business and IT. More than ever, IT needs to be highly efficient and aligned with business.
However, it seems that banks are looking at solutions of the past to solve the problems of the future, which is doomed to failure.
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By Bruno Cambounet - Director Digital Customer Experience Solution

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