Microservices for
financial institutions

Step one is helping you break your monolithic apps into microservices.

Step two is helping you manage these microservices, orchestrate them,
and handle the data they create and modify.

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Unlocking the business value

Two primary factors are driving real business value — speed and reliability. And both of them can be achieved with microservices.

Increase speed

Launch new services fast or quickly scale existing applications thanks to the power of microservices

Become flexible

Microservice can be added, managed and scaled independently, speeding up the transformation process

Reduce costs

Microservices increase speed, enhance productivity, boost sales and improve return on investment

Accelerate innovation

Be agile with microservices, and evolve with rapidly changing financial services markets

Traditional monolithic architecture is an inflexible and unscalable one-for-all approach, which struggles with certain types of complexity and slows continuous development.

Organized around business capabilities, not projects, microservices are highly maintainable and testable. They allow teams to be more creative, focusing on the development of business functionality instead of coding. With microservices, you can launch high-impact capabilities quickly or replace and upgrade an application without downtime.

Composability allows developers to reduce solution build time and, additionally, provides the benefit of reusability over time. Our users also benefit from a simple plug-and-play integration to both existing environments and the ecosystem of partners, developers and other fintechs.

Containers take up less space, making your applications run faster and more efficiently.

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