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Kensington Mortgages is a specialist mortgage lender in the United Kingdom, established in 1981. Unlike traditional high-street lenders, Kensington caters to borrowers with more complex financial situations. Their core strength lies in offering flexible mortgage solutions for individuals who may not meet the standard criteria of other lenders.

This includes self-employed individuals, contractors, first-time buyers with limited deposit, or those with complex income structures. Additionally, Kensington specializes in mortgages for buy-to-let properties, new builds, and government schemes like Help to Buy. By providing a more nuanced approach to mortgage lending, Kensington helps bridge the gap for borrowers who wouldn’t qualify for traditional mortgage products.

Orchestrating and delivering on-boarding journeys

Kensington required a system and a process to fit their future needs, rather than simply fitting the existing system they already had. Being reliant on supplier fixes was also something they were keen to break away from – a solution that they could configure themselves was key.

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