Negociating solutions

There were technical challenges mutualizing a solution for both firms, with the two ultimately opting for a “Managed Service” approach: the Belgian bank folded our Instant Payment software into its own core banking platform on a subscription-style basis. This approach is not only beneficial from a TCO point of view, but it’s also proven to increase collaboration between participants.

There were also other stakeholders to consider in the project, with much research and development for the new technology taking place externally in Brussels, and with collaboration of other banks also needed for the project to be fully realized.

The success of the project meant that Argenta became one of the first banks to offer Instant Payments to its customers. The bank now performs as one of the best in class, processing high volumes and automatically handling all outgoing payments encoded with the mobile app as Instant Payments without charging a fee. More than 1 million payments are now successfully treated each month.

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