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The future of banking: Platforms and digital architecture



In this episode, we’ll be looking at how a modern, componentized approach is a vital step in a bank’s transformation. By improving agility, reducing costs and allowing for ecosystem collaboration, more and more company boards are turning to componentized banking.

To dive into this topic, we’ll be joined by our guest Jost Hoppermann, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester, who will be looking at data from Forrester surveys to set the stage and identify the state of digital transformation in European financial services. You can read Jost’s full bio here.

Key topics
1. The ingredients for a successful bank
2. A bank’s readiness for the future
3. Transformation strategies
4. How banks react new challenges
5. Today’s banking application landscapes
6. Key ingredients of a forward-looking architecture
7. A digital architecture to support continuous change
8. How FS firms tackle the back-end
9. How to foster co-existence and continuous transformation
10. How to support ecosystems

We’ll be also getting into…
1. Componentized banking: What it is, and how it can help banks to adapt to the future
2. Why banks need to componentize
3. The steps that banks can take to achieve componentization

We will have a dedicated Q&A session at the end of the webinar, where Jost and experts from SBS and Sopra Steria Next will answer some of your questions.

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Featuring Jost Hoppermann

Jost focuses on banking technology, applications, and architecture to help clients make the right decisions in a fast-changing market. He helps banks understand the key dynamics of the banking applications market and make smart decisions. He focuses specifically on digital banking front ends (digital banking engagement platforms) and the banking back end (including core banking), digital end-to-end solutions, digital banking platforms, and forward-looking architectures like digital core banking and digital banking platform architecture. Jost also helps banks prepare and execute digital banking transformation programs. Further, he leads research into the business and technology aspects of banking in the future, particularly banking in 2023 and 2030.

Jost has extensive experience helping technology decisions makers select banking software partners, design appropriate digital architectures, and prepare for digital banking transformation. He also advises technology and services vendors on market dynamics, buyer demands, the competitive landscape, and go-to-market strategies.