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We make it simple to offer innovative digital financial services. Outperform the competition by meeting your customers where they are and offering seamless yet human digital experiences.

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  • Days to design your bank

    Use our toolkit to create your digital bank and quickly go to market — front-end, middleware, and core banking systems.

  • NPS score

    Understand your customers and give them the engaging experiences they expect. Boost customer satisfaction, acquisition, and retention.

  • Customer acquisition cost

    Increase organic customer acquisition. Seamlessly engage with customers and increase their lifetime value.

A full range of first-rate digital banking capabilities

  • Onboarding & subscription

    Enhance customer experience with quick and personalized digital onboarding that leverages the power of open banking.

  • Social banking

    Empower users with a social media platform that enables peer-to-peer support, fosters financial literacy and inclusion, and supports co-creation.

  • Loan origination

    Streamline customer and back-office interactions with a fully automated, end-to-end process – go from simulation to request to scoring to approval, all in just minutes.

  • Finance management

    Help your customers improve their financial well-being with personal finance management solutions like budgeting, forecasting, and smart recommendations — all in one simple app.

  • Open APIs & marketplace

    Leverage open banking data and an ecosystem of partners to accelerate innovation and create the tailored experiences that your customers will love.

  • Payments

    Make transactions easy, with support for Instant Payments, Request to Pay, Apple Pay, Google pay, peer-to-peer, and mobile money. We even help banks support crypto accounts!

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