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A digital initiative by Sopra Banking Software MEA operating in startup mode—let’s build tomorrow’s financial services together.

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An approach dedicated to African innovation

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Collaborate differentlyCo-create with banks and fintechsOptimize time-to-market
Value digital know-howPrioritize innovative and secure solutionsImprove customer experience

A digital initiative in startup mode

Many organizations aspire to adopt agile processes to take advantage of benefits that include, but are not limited to, a quicker return on investment, better software quality, and higher customer satisfaction.

One fundamental challenge faced by all businesses, regardless of age or size, is striking a balance between organizational efficiency and flexible adaptation. DIBAKA combines the agility of a startup with the expertise, security, and strength of Sopra Banking Software.

Collaborate differently

Co-construct to innovate

Collaborate differently

Co-construct to innovate

Our first solution:

Tomorrow’s financial services today

MoneyChat: your very own banking chatbot powered by WhatsApp for business.

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An innovative solution

– Provides a clean, simple, and intuitive user experience
– Facilitates day-to-day operations: balance summary, transfers, payments, etc.
– Enables financial collaboration: community financing, travel organization, group gifts, etc.

Added value


A unique and accessible experience for users to manage their finances through an application they already use.


WhatsApp has simplified communication, and it can do the same for banking. Customers can send or receive money and pay bills with minimal effort.


An infinite number of potential use cases—group creation, e-commerce opportunities, customer care, simulation, credit-granting, etc.

MoneyChat in practice

Using MoneyChat requires no installation—credentials are simply created when a user adds the smart Chatbot number to their contacts. Within WhatsApp, they simply type “Hello” to initiate an interaction, and MoneyChat supports stand-alone responses from user input.

Our second solution:

Smart Branch

The future of banking

Build loyalty by offering superior customer experiences.

– Recognize customers — appeal to both the more traditional and digitally savvy customers.
– Enhance experience — blend retail space with digital tools to create useful community spaces.
– Improve staff interaction — leverage real-time data and location positioning to achieve the digital-human balance required to thrive in the 21st century.

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In-branch Banking

In-branch banking

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  • Badr ARGANE

  • Florent LEPORA


  • Hicham ZEMMOURI

  • Aicha FADLI

  • Hamza BARBOUCH

  • Sarra ARARA


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  • Mohamed MOUNAQID