Cybersecurity & digital trust

Bring trust to your digital journey and cyber resilience to your organization

No industry attracts more cybersecurity threats than financial services. A robust cybersecurity program is essential to defend sensitive assets, keep systems running, and maintain regulatory compliance. Let’s put security at the heart of your business.

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Safeguard your organization

We leverage the Sopra Steria network of experts and advanced cybersecurity centers to provide you with an adaptive, end-to-end solution based on the security lifecycle.

  • Prevention
    Define and test a cybersecurity strategy aligned with your business risks, and spread a culture of security throughout your organization.
  • Protection
    Protect your sensitive identities, applications and data, and build trust in digital uses in an extended enterprise environment.
  • Detection & reaction
    Enhance continuous monitoring and protect your business against the latest cybersecurity threats with a system that’s ready to respond.

Deliver a secure banking experience

To win today’s customers, financial institutions must have the ability to preserve confidentiality, confirm the availability of services, and protect trusted data. But with the digitization and development of new technologies, cybercrime is increasingly affecting production systems.

This puts financial services institutions in a difficult situation. Banks need to focus on the challenges associated with the customer experience and modernizing infrastructure while balancing the increased risk posed by cybersecurity attacks.

We believe that digitalization need not impair cybersecurity efficiency. Sopra has the expertise and advanced threat intelligence to help financial institutions protect their assets and reputation as they embrace technological innovation.

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