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Striking the perfect balance

Click on the thumbnail opposite to watch an inclusive interview with El-Hassana Kaba, Founder and CEO of Mansa Bank.

In this video, he explains how, with the help of Sopra Banking’s solutions and expertise, Mansa is innovating the African banking sector and proving to be a pivotal player in financial inclusion.

Watch the video in full to find out more.

Customer success story |  El-Hassana Kaba | Founder and CEO | Mansa Bank

Hassana Kaba, Founder and CEO of Mansa Bank

“With Sopra, we were able to open our bank in January 2020, and Sopra also allowed us to project our vision.”

The next generation banking platform

Amplitude Up is the latest iteration of Sopra’s internationally renowned core banking solution, Amplitude. A digital transformation accelerator that leverages an API-focused financial services platform, as well as a vast network of partners, Amplitude Up provides your business with all its core banking needs. 

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