Cloud-based banking

Cloud is a tool for technology acceleration, as well as a strategy

Our experience means you’ll choose the cloud strategy that works
best for your business.

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Cloud technologies

For better, more efficient, more cost-effective banking systems

Reduced time-to-market

Allows for easier upgrades, faster releases

Automated scalability 

Resulting in improved availability and uptime

TCO reduction

Faster deployment, better productivity, decreased downtime

DevOps powered

Building, testing and releases become rapid and consistent

Microservices architecture

Frequent, independent updates to live applications

Container infrastructure

Brings efficiency, reliability and speed to every application

Ready to go cloud?

The value of cloud adoption

There are plenty of reasons to choose a cloud infrastructure approach: Quality improvement; bringing automation, standardization and agility to your operating model; reducing IT overhead costs by 30 to 40 percent; modernizing your security posture; introducing new capabilities and features, faster and more frequently.

And there are two ways to implement – transformation and end-to-end. We guarantee we’ll help you choose the cloud journey that’s best for your business. 

Choose your way

Move to the cloud gradually, with step-by-step transformation. Change monolithic legacy applications into smaller components with a microservices-based platform at a speed that suits you. Gain flexibility and open the door to renovating your offer.

Or go green field. Thanks to cloud-native applications, we can deliver the entire technology platform, together with orchestration, in SaaS mode, including the four key pillars of microservices, containers, DevOps and continuous delivery. Whatever core banking system you use, whether you prefer private or public cloud, step into a whole new world of innovation.