Next-generation Security

Leveraging all the benefits that cloud security offers

Protects against zero-day vulnerabilities, employs a zero-trust model, quickly detects anomalies, and leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning — while on-going audits and a bug bounty program provide an additional layer of protection.

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Deliver a secure banking experience

To win today’s customers, financial institutions must have the ability to preserve confidentiality, confirm the availability of services, and protect trusted data. But with the digitization and development of new technologies, cybercrime is increasingly affecting production systems.

This puts financial services institutions in a difficult situation. Banks need to focus on the challenges associated with the customer experience and modernizing infrastructure while balancing the increased risk posed by cybersecurity attacks.

We believe that digitalization need not impair cybersecurity efficiency. Sopra has the expertise and advanced threat intelligence to help financial institutions protect their assets and reputation as they embrace technological innovation.

Technology, intelligence & experience

Our solutions provide:
●  Active protection and quick updates to fix zero-day vulnerabilities
●  A high degree of flexibility that makes regulatory compliance effortless
●  A zero-trust model that secures both internal and external boundaries
●  AI-enabled services that detect suspicious behaviors
●  Pro-active alerts for potential breaches and real-time automated remediations
●   Security by design methodology and extensive security audits
●  A bug-bounty program that ensures a continually verified level of security