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The financial industry has been the first to recognize the transformative value of blockchain technology to generate new revenue, increase efficiency and improve end-user experience. We’ve been working on the frontline for years, striving to drive blockchain development forward and maximize its potential.

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Moving from the lab to the real world

Driving efficiencies, increasing trust, reducing fraud and easing the burden of compliance. Learn how to simplify blockchain complexity and unlock new value with our help.

A technology for the future

In the banking world, the application of blockchain is becoming commonplace. Most of the focus is on payment circuits, capital market processes, know your customer and credit services — but the possibilities extend far beyond. 

Blockchain can also have a significant impact on insurance, trade finance and investment management. It allows entirely new services to be envisaged based on its unique characteristics. 

Our approach – development and partners

Our vision of the sector is broad, focusing on the most mature technologies while being watchful to those in the making. 

Our primary objective is to evaluate the technology for a specific need. But it’s also a priority to carry out classic projects, train internal and external teams, and implement what’s required for projects in production. In addition to our internal expertise, we rely on partners like IBM.

Ready for the next stop

Governments are working to have a precise vision of the blockchain field by evaluating, in particular, the possibility of a crypto-currency backed by a fiduciary currency. There are currently 44 central banks testing blockchain technology, and we’re working alongside them to assess it in a variety of cases and contexts. 

We are involved and attentive to any on-going work, positions or regulations that could impact its development.