Artificial Intelligence

Boost speed, accuracy and cost effectiveness

AI enables financial institutions to upgrade their predictive abilities
and create new customer-centric services. Bring real value with
process optimization, improved customer experience and increased productivity.

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Redefine banking with AI

There is an imperative for all financial services companies. Low barriers to entry will bring ever stronger competition for AI talent, patents and capabilities.

A technology for the greater good

The application of artificial intelligence can take many forms. Conversational banking, anti-fraud and credit underwriting are some of the most common. But customer knowledge, predictive analytics, scoring, compliance & risk management, marketing and many others show promise as well. 

AI will empower banks to leverage human and machine capabilities to drive operational costs down and deliver personalized services. Moreover, the field is rapidly developing due to significant investment by big technological groups and governments. 

Tomorrow’s technology, today

The benefits of AI in banking are no longer a futuristic vision. They are a reality, today. By adopting AI, leaders in the banking sector have already taken actions to reap the benefits. We remain highly attuned to R&D progress and evaluate AI solutions in light of each business problem and context.

Our work relies on internal teams, Sopra Steria teams and our partners, such as IBM Watson or specialized and recognized market startups.