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Meet the operational, local and regional needs of Islamic financial institutions and non-Islamic banks with Islamic windows alike.

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Two-pronged approach to Islamic Banking

As a recognized player in Islamic finance, we help all banks – full-fledged Islamic, retail and corporate — add Islamic components to their offering.

  • Islamic banking experts

    Thanks to our certified and dedicated team, we are a recognized player in Islamic banking solutions. We’re regularly audited by the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD).

  • Next gen platform

    An API-focused financial services platform with a vast network of partners. Go fast to market and lower your TCO.

  • Full coverage

    Islamic deposits, Islamic investments, Islamic trade finance, Islamic treasury and Islamic capital markets.

Deposits are a key element of Islamic banking. Our platform makes it easy to attract savers for:
– Current accounts Qard Hasan and Wadi’ah
– Islamic savings accounts and term deposits
– Profit distribution management

Islamic deposits

Use our powerful platform to make multiple types of ethical Halal investment available to your customers, such as:
– Murabaha, Salam, Parallel Salam, Istisn’a, Parallel Istisn’a
– Musharakah, Diminishing Musharakah, Mudarabah, Musakat, Muzara’ah
– Ijarah Tachghilya, Ijarah Muntahya Bittamilk.

Islamic investments

Trade finance made simple with our fully compliant Islamic finance software, covering:
– Wakalah documentary bills for collection 
– Import/export letter of credit Wakalah, Murabaha, Musharakah and Mudarabah
– Letter of guarantee Kafalah. 

Islamic trade finance

Help your customers manage liquidity with fully sharia-compliant instruments. Our platform automates all elements of Islamic treasury, including:
– Mudarabah deposits
– Sukuks
– Islamic FX
– ALM.

Islamic treasury

Access and transact sharia-compliant financial assets, using our platform’s trading tools.
For example:
– Sukuks
– Islamic securities
– Islamic funds.

Islamic capital markets