A comprehensive set of services to make regulatory reporting easy

Delegate your reporting production to a center of expertise and limit your technical, functional,financial, and HR risks.

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The #1 service for regulatory reporting in EMEA

Improve budget predictability with our catalogue of services

Fully managed

End-to-end cloud reporting production infrastructure

Expert support

In Fr, En, Es, Ar during build and run phases

Flexible update schedule

Ensures compliance & continuity of processes

Catalogue of services

Improved budget predictability

Covers multiple

jurisdictions requirements with localized reporting templates

Trusted Partners

Compliant with EBA & BSBC 239 guidelines


Hassle-free regulatory reporting

We have lightened the regulatory reporting production load of our clients and reduced IT, Operational, and HR risk with a cost-efficient solution and proven implementation strategy to accelerate time to market.

Reduce cost, complexity, and risk of regulatory reporting production.

Customized to your needs

Dedicated Mode

A private and secure environment that supports a large volume of data—this mode enables flexible delivery of updates to ensure the continuity of your operations amidst frequent regulatory changes.

Shared Mode

Shared environment and solution management to limit your infrastructure and maintenance costs while ensuring maximum security and scalability.

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Frequently asked questions
What is the scope of the offering ?

We provide an end-to-end solution: services and software. It is a component that is supporting by the Risk, Regulation & Reporting solution of SBS. Our solution is comprehensive and includes a regulatory watch, so you always remain compliant.

What are the different services provided ?

We have a catalogue of services. You can request for it by contacting us.

Where is the data hosted?

The data centers are in Europe, and we ensure GDPR compliance.

Does the solution submit the reports on behalf of the FI ?

No. The FI is still responsible for the reporting signature. As we are not a financial institution, we do not have an agreement with any regulator for submission. But we deliver the support to do it.